Dwise addresses four myths about Programmatic

Jan 15, 2023

Myths about programmatic

We who work with programmatic sometimes encounter some outdated ideas about our favorite subject, and therefore we thought we would devote this blog post to breaking these.

Myth #1: Programmatic advertising leads to lower quality of ad impressions

There is a historical perception of programmatic advertising as secondary sorting of ads in terms of placement and format, and that the ads can end up anywhere. Simply that there is no control over the flow. This is completely wrong. Instead, programmatic advertising contributes to increased ad quality by reaching a more relevant audience. Also, not everyone knows that the big media houses and publishers are connected to the programmatic trade, that it is an established business line for them.

Myth #2: Programmatic advertising is only for big companies with big budgets

This is also a myth. Programmatic has become increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes. Because programmatic advertising allows for various controls such as geofencing, retargeting, different types of audience data, etc., it also enables smaller businesses to get a great return on their media budget.

Myth #3: Programmatic advertising is easy and requires no strategic planning. Maybe we can do it ourselves? 

This is a risky myth that can lead to ineffective and unsuccessful campaigns. Programmatic requires careful strategic planning, knowledge and monitoring to ensure that campaigns deliver results and that budgets are used effectively.

Myth #4: Programmatic advertising is just about buying ads online

This is a common misconception. Programmatic is not just a technology for buying ads online but rather a set of processes used to automate the entire ad buying and selling process including formats such as digital outdoor advertising, connectedTV, online radio and podcasts. 

Thanks for reading!

Josefine Lopes Helgesson

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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