Native Advertising

Advertisements in the editorial flow

  • High credibility
  • Engaging ad formats
  • Blend into the natural flow

What is Native?

Native advertising is a form of digital advertising that is designed to fit naturally into the environment in which it is displayed. Instead of being a traditional web ad, a native ad looks like part of the content of the website. Native ads normally take the form of text and images, but sometimes video is also used. Native ads are also usually labeled as ads to avoid confusing users.

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You describe what you need help with.


Campaign plan

A tailor-made campaign plan is presented.


Campaign launch

We optimize your campaign daily for best results.



Increase the impact of your marketing through a smooth process and fewer working hours.

What do our partners say about us?

"We at TV4 really appreciate the cooperation with Dwise. They open up for more advertisers to get access to Connected TV and visibility in TV4's environment."
- Viktor Ekmark,
"The collaboration with Dwise is fantastic. Dwise is partly unique in its kind with its specialist expertise in programmatic purchases. From day one, Dwise has challenged us with questions, requests and constructive suggestions that have driven us to develop and improve both technical set-up, business routines and product packaging."
- Anders Persson,
Ocean Outdoor
"You are incredibly far ahead in how you package your products, but above all how you run and optimize your campaigns. You have a mindset that includes, in an optimal way, building powerful and effective campaigns out of the ordinary - always with the customer in focus and a tireless desire to do everything for the advertiser's best."
- Olle Bråne,
Bauer Media Sweden

Why is Native so effective?

Native advertising is an effective form of content marketing because of its ability to engage the reader. Because native ads look like a natural part of the content, readers feel less disturbed by the ads. Native ads also create the opportunity to use targeted advertising towards an audience that is more likely to be interested in your offer.

Advantages of Native

There are several advantages to native advertising. First and foremost, ads that match the content of a web page increase the interest of the reader and make them more likely to interact with the ad. Other benefits are further developed below. 

Wide reach in your target audience

Native advertising allows you to reach a wide audience effectively, as the media channel is with the major publishers who have many readers.

High credibility

Because native ads integrate with the main content of a web page and provide more space for information, it can provide more credibility than traditional ads. This creates the opportunity to get a longer message out earlier in the customer journey. 

Increasing sales

Native advertising provides the opportunity to drive sales by using targeted advertising to reach a specific audience who may be interested in what you have to offer. By offering relevant content and linking to products or services, you can increase conversions and thus increase your sales.

Can strengthen your SEO

Native advertising can strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO) by increasing traffic to your website and thus improving your searchability. By having relevant and engaging content on your website, you can also increase your chances of ranking higher on Google, for example.

Avoiding ad blockers

Since native advertising is integrated into the main content in a natural way, ad blocks are often avoided. This allows your ads to reach a wider audience and increases the chances of potential customers discovering your brand. 

Which target groups can be reached with native ads?

Native advertising can reach a wide audience, from consumers to businesses and public organizations. You can target B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2G (Business-to-Government).

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Frequently asked questions and answers

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What is the difference between Content Native and Product Native?

What is True Native?

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Different forms of Native

There are different forms of Native, each with their own benefits and uses. Here are some of the most common forms:

True Native

True Native advertising is seamlessly integrated into the content of the website, making them difficult to distinguish from organic content. They are usually text-based and take into account the target audience and topic to ensure relevance. When you click on a True Native ad, you also stay on the page without being redirected to an external page.

Content Discovery

Content Discovery advertising appears in the form of recommendations on other websites. They can be text-based or image-based and are often relevant to the content of the website where they appear.

Content Display

Content Display advertising appears as visual ads on websites and is often more visually striking than other native formats.

How we work

In cooperation with us, we start from your objectives, needs and budget. Based on these parameters, we propose a media strategy and a suitable media mix. During the course of the campaign, we optimize in real time and at the end of the campaign we evaluate the campaign. 


At Dwise, we always start by getting to know our clients' target audience and strategy. Together we set a budget and define the channels to be used. We also take into account brand guidelines and design the ads to suit your specific audience.

Media buying

We use programmatic advertising to ensure that your ads reach the exact target audience on the right platforms. We work with leading digital media platforms such as Elle, Feber, M3, Sydsvenskan, Teknikens Värld,, Dagens Industri, Expressen,, Omni, and Aftonbladet to maximize your advertising potential.


After the campaign ends, it is important to evaluate the results to see how well it performed and what improvements can be made for the next campaign. With programmatic advertising, we can measure performance in real time and adjust the ads to improve performance.

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