Digital outdoor advertising

Get direct access to digital outdoor signs throughout all of Scandinavia

There are few media channels that can create such an impact as outdoor advertising. Being visible in public spaces via Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is an excellent way to reach large numbers of people with your marketing communication, to strengthen your brand and also to convert to purchase/action.  

Since the addition of digital screens to outdoor advertising, the opportunities for the advertiser have been further enhanced. Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) provides the opportunity for creative mass communication as the advertiser can use moving material. This in turn tends to successfully encourage or prompt action and interaction with the viewer.

Buying DOOH programmatically creates unique opportunities for your marketing. For example, your communication can be adapted in real time based on, for example, time, weather and traffic conditions. Another strong advantage of buying DOOH programmatically is that you as an advertiser can get started quickly, even within a few hours and that we can optimize and adjust to your needs during the campaign.

Get your message across in a moving format outdoors

There are many benefits to mobile outdoor advertising. As well as being effective in capturing the attention of passers-by, 'digital posters' or video as an advertising format can also communicate more complex messages, reinforce messages and make advertising more memorable. Also, as mentioned earlier, thanks to programmatic buying, ads can be adapted in real time to circumstances and events.

Where does my outdoor advertising appear? 

As the number of digital screens has increased significantly in recent years, you as an advertiser can be visible to your target group in many places, not only in Sweden but also in Norway, Finland, Denmark and more. We can buy digital advertising space in attractive locations such as Stureplan in Stockholm, Avenyn in Gothenburg and Nytorget in Malmö, but also more locally in smaller cities and towns around the country.

For those who want to be seen with strategic messages around specific locations such as grocery stores, airports, shopping centers or buildings, we can direct your visibility on screens in or around these areas. In public transport, large numbers of people pass by every day. We have screens at stations and stops for trains, buses, trams and subways. With strategic placement, you can grab people's attention with your message.

How we work

For a successful collaboration, we need to understand your target audience and your brand. Then we set a strategy and a media mix to reach your specific goals. Based on your budget, we then buy outdoor advertising and, of course, we do an evaluation at the end of the campaign. 


As DOOH offers specific advertising opportunities, we help you develop a strategy that takes advantage of these opportunities and effectively targets your audience at the right time. All to get the most out of your budget. 

DOOH is a very effective media channel when you want to increase your brand awareness, reach large numbers of people and encourage action/purchase. An example of how you can take advantage of events and circumstances in combination with a targeted message could be to weatherize a campaign where the advertiser wants to appear with their ice cream ad when the temperature goes over 15 degrees and the sun is peeking out. 

Buying outdoor advertising

We at Dwise help you with all types of purchases regarding digital outdoor advertising. We take care of the entire process, from start to finish, to make it as easy as possible for you. Purchases are made via programmatic trading. This tool enables us to: 

  • Effectively manage and optimize your campaign in real time
  • Getting access to publishers
  • Collect all purchases in one place
  • Evaluate the results of your campaign 


At the end of the campaign, we evaluate the results. We take insights about how the campaign went to the next campaign. A strong advantage that we want to highlight is that we are involved in the performance of the campaign on a daily basis. We adjust and improve the campaign in real time to meet or even exceed the goals set before the campaign started.

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You can take advantage of the techniques and opportunities that each media channel has to offer through targeted campaign solutions. Programmatic opportunities are the main tool to achieve this.