Podcast & Music

With Podcast & Music you can reach your target audience during screenless times.

With an audio spot of between 10-30 seconds, the advertiser can communicate to the listener as they listen to their favorite content.

By definition, digital audio means audio you can listen to via an Internet connection. This makes the listening experience nowadays more and more portable. Audio, whether it’s in the form of music or a podcast, is a welcome feature in our everyday lives as it serves as a break from the amount of screen time. Since audio is now available in digital format, you now even have the same possibility to advertise digitally in the media.

Publishers such as Acast, Spotify and Bauer Media have opened up for programmatic advertising in Podcast and Music. When listeners determine their own content, receptivity to the advertising message increases. This leads to digital radio advertising demonstrating greater impact compared to advertising on traditional FM radio.

Digital audio is also a way to reach your desired target group more effectively, which makes it an obvious choice for a good media mix.

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