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Benefits of working with a media agency

There are several advantages for you as an advertiser to work with a media agency. You get access to specialized expertise and experience, which often contributes significantly to your strategy, planning and follow-up work. Working with a media agency relieves you as an advertiser from several administrative parts as they take care of requesting quotes, negotiating prices, booking media space, etc. Media agencies also have access to a wide variety of media channels and large networks that create opportunities for you as an advertiser to reach your target audience. 

Consistent flexibility 

We at Dwise are different in that we work with a prominent smart technology, called programmatic advertising. This enables us to work extremely time-efficiently, with real-time audience management and with flexible budgets. In concrete terms, for you as a customer, this means that - instead of calling around to several media sellers - you only need to have one point of contact, namely us. And we can make sure that within a few hours your advertising campaign is visible in one or more media channels, such as digital outdoor screens or on the TV screen through Connected TV. Just as quickly, you can be seen with your display advertising on mobile, in the gaming environment via In-Game advertising or heard on Podcast & Online Radio. While your campaign is running, we adjust and optimize not only your targeting but also your message.  

Campaign-based thinking

We often work with our clients on a campaign basis, as both we and they appreciate the flexibility and 'ad-hoc' opportunities it provides. Of course, we are also happy to take on assignments that run over longer periods. Working with brands over a longer period of time obviously creates different conditions, but is not a requirement for working with us.  


Like all media agencies, follow-up and reporting is a big part of our work and we provide you with reports on your campaign both during and after the campaign. 

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Get your campaign in more media

You can take advantage of the techniques and opportunities that each media channel has to offer through targeted campaign solutions. Programmatic opportunities are the main tool to achieve this.