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What is display advertising?

Online Display is a form of digital marketing that allows you to display ads on websites and apps through ad networks such as the Google Display Network. These ads can be anything from image ads to videos and can be displayed on many different devices such as mobile devices, tablets and computers. When advertising through Online Display, you can target your ads to a specific audience based on, for example, demographics, geography, website data, their behaviors and interests. This means that you are reaching out with your brand to people who are more likely to buy your products or services.

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You describe what you need help with.


Campaign plan

A tailor-made campaign plan is presented.


Campaign launch

We optimize your campaign daily for best results.



Increase the impact of your marketing through a smooth process and fewer working hours.

What do our partners say about us?

"We at TV4 really appreciate the cooperation with Dwise. They open up for more advertisers to get access to Connected TV and visibility in TV4's environment."
- Viktor Ekmark,
"The collaboration with Dwise is fantastic. Dwise is partly unique in its kind with its specialist expertise in programmatic purchases. From day one, Dwise has challenged us with questions, requests and constructive suggestions that have driven us to develop and improve both technical set-up, business routines and product packaging."
- Anders Persson,
Ocean Outdoor
"You are incredibly far ahead in how you package your products, but above all how you run and optimize your campaigns. You have a mindset that includes, in an optimal way, building powerful and effective campaigns out of the ordinary - always with the customer in focus and a tireless desire to do everything for the advertiser's best."
- Olle Bråne,
Bauer Media Sweden

What types of display ads are there?

The development of display advertising in Online Display has resulted in a wide range of ad types for you to choose from. There are several different looks and functions of ads and the choice of format depends on the objective of the campaign. The most common types of display ads are image ads, high impact ads, video ads and creative ads. 

Image advertisements

Image ads can be both static still images with text or HTML ads with moving content and animations. These ads can be made in different sizes to fit the website they are displayed on. They can also be responsive to automatically adapt to screen sizes. 

High Impact

High Impact ads are a format that is more eye-catching than regular banner ads due to the fact that they take up a larger area of the screen whether it is mobile, tablet or desktop. High Impact is a format that is growing in popularity as it provides a higher level of attention, is hard to miss and provides a greater scope for creativity. 

Video ads

Video ads can be displayed in different ways on a website. They can be displayed as streamed content in a video player on, for example, Youtube or Aftonbladet TV. There they are played either before, during or after the main content. Another way to use videos is via the Video in Banner format. In this case, the video clip is played directly in a banner. 

Creative advertising

If you want to go outside the box with your ad formats, there are several special solutions to choose from. This is called Rich Media format which means interactive ads, i.e. ads that can be interacted with. Examples of such ads are chat ads, game ads and carousels. 

Where do my display ads appear?

Display ads can appear in any place where a publisher offers advertising in their content. This could be news sites, entertainment sites, apps, or any other place where people go to access their favorite content. You can choose which combination of sites you want your brand to appear on, or you can plug in audience data to choose which person the ad is shown to.

Advantages of display advertising?

Display advertising allows you to effectively reach out with your company's communication. Online Display combined with smart audience segmentation and bidding strategies can increase conversions and ultimately your sales. 

Now the target group is

For a display campaign to be successful, it is beneficial to have carried out a thorough market segmentation to reach the right target audience. They make it easier for you to create ads that target the people you want to reach. You can then target ads based on age, gender, geographic location or interests, for example. You can also use machine learning and automation to optimize your campaign in real time to get the most out of your budget. 

Brand awareness or conversion?

With Online Display, you have the opportunity to increase your company's brand awareness or drive conversions, depending on the goal of the campaign. The campaign can be customized depending on the key figures that are important to reach, such as the total number of exposures (brand awareness) or how many people bought a product or booked a meeting (conversions).

Exposures and other metrics

There are a number of metrics to look at and optimize against in order to drive a campaign towards set goals. One of these metrics is the number of exposures or impressions. The difference between impressions and reach is that impressions are the total number of times an ad is shown and reach is how many unique people the ad is shown to. Depending on your campaign's segmentation and controls, reach versus impressions goes up or down based on how many people fall into the category. This in turn can affect other metrics such as CTR (click-through rate, how many people clicked in relation to exposures) and Cost per Mille (CPM, cost per thousand impressions). There is a balance to be achieved between the different metrics depending on the objectives of the campaign. Programmatic advertising offers an advantage here as it automates the buying process and can optimize to improve these metrics in real time.

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How we work

To achieve a successful result, we need to understand your target audience and your brand. We execute purchases using programmatic technology, which allows us to more effectively manage and optimize your campaign in real time. We then set up a strategy and media mix that fits your specific objectives. 


At Dwise, we help you develop an online display strategy that takes advantage of the specific opportunities this channel offers. We target your audience at the right time to get the maximum impact from your budget. 

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We at Dwise take care of the entire buying process, i.e. contacting publishers, booking/purchasing and setting up your campaign. 


At the end of the campaign, we evaluate the performance of your online display advertising and bring the insights to the next campaign. We are involved daily to adjust and improve the campaign in real time to meet or exceed the goals set before the campaign started.

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Tailor-made campaign plan in 48h
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