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Connected TV, a natural choice in a modern media mix

TV is a media channel that is making a name for itself and is therefore a sought-after media choice. The digital version of traditional TV is called Connected TV (CTV) and includes a number of advantages such as audience management, more flexible budgets and shorter booking times. It is therefore not surprising that Connected TV is a fast growing media channel and should be seen as an obvious choice for a good media mix. Below you can read more about how Connected TV works and how its many benefits contribute to your media campaign.

What is Connected TV?

Connected TV (CTV) is a media channel where advertising spots are broadcast before, after and between streamed TV content.

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For advertisers, Connected TV offers a number of advantages. You reach an audience "outside" the reach of traditional TV, as viewers choose when and where to consume their TV content. 

Your ad is shown in a noise-free environment, i.e. the ads in the break are shown one at a time, as opposed to appearing simultaneously with several other advertisers as is the case in some other media channels. A TV spot also has sound, which enhances its impact, and the advertiser reaches the viewer when they are in a relaxed state. 

Another benefit is that Connected TV opens up programmatic trading, which means a lower entry threshold to the channel, more flexible budgets, and audience controls such as demographics, geography and interest.

There is no doubt that all these benefits help you as an advertiser to effectively reach your target audience.

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With Connected TV, you as an advertiser get the opportunity to show TV commercials of between 5 - 30 seconds in the selected content on several of the streaming services already on the market. Here we find publishers such as TV4-Play, Discovery+, C More, but also channels such as Pluto TV, Samsung TV and Rakuten. 

The number of users you can reach as an advertiser grows as the number of CTV users and the number of publishers offering content for Connected TV increases .

How we work with Connected TV


The first step in a collaboration is to understand what you as an advertiser want to achieve with your advertising and campaign, what your target group looks like, where you want to reach, etc. You provide us with a brief.

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Based on your brief, we develop a strategic campaign plan in the right media channels with the best targeting. Besides targeting your advertising on a national level, you can also target regionally and locally. Demographics and interests are further examples of targeting CTV offers.

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After this, we book and buy the media space, i.e.: your advertising material is published in selected media channels and we start optimizing your campaign.


At theend of the campaign, you will receive a report on how the campaign went and what lessons can be learned for future advertising.

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