Why you should be first on the programmatic ball

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Jan 24, 2023

The stark reality is a technical one

Humans are generally not very fond of change. Change often means that something is unknown and when something is unknown our reptilian brain will interpret it as threatening. For those of us in the media business, we see this in some media buyers through their reluctance to embrace programmatic technology. However, we dare say that the situation is such that the media buyer who does not keep up with technological developments risks being "left behind" in an industry that is constantly changing. And since programmatic is one of the newest technologies in digital advertising, it is an important technology to use.

Below, we address some of the risks media buyers who do not embrace programmatic advertising could face:

Missed range

Programmatic advertising can help reach a broader and more specific audience through the use of data and AI-driven technologies. If a media buyer does not use programmatic advertising solutions, they may miss the opportunity to reach relevant audiences and therefore not achieve the desired reach and goals.

High advertising cost

Through programmatic advertising, media buyers can achieve a high degree of precision and efficiency in their advertising efforts. If media buyers do not use programmatic advertising, they may have to spend more resources and time manually finding and managing advertising space, which can lead to higher advertising costs.

Lack of analysis and optimisation

Programmatic advertising allows media buyers to gain detailed analytics and insight into their advertising campaigns. This helps them to optimise their advertising strategy and thus improve results over time. If a media buyer does not use programmatic advertising, they may lack this valuable insight and therefore have difficulty optimising their advertising strategy.

Loss of competitive advantage

Programmatic advertising is an increasingly common method of advertising on digital platforms, and media buyers who do not embrace the technology may lose their competitive advantage against other media buyers who use programmatic advertising solutions.

Finally, what if we reverse the perspective? What does it mean if media buyers embrace programmatic technology? Well, we would say that they open up opportunities to effectively reach their target audience and optimize their advertising strategy, which in turn can lead to lower costs and increased competitive advantage.

With that, we wish you a nice week!

Josefine Lopes Helgesson

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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