Programmatic Native: What is programmatic native advertising?

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Jan 24, 2023
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Programmatic native advertising is a strategy where ads are bought and sold automatically through real-time bidding, while matching the style and content of the platform on which they appear.

Native advertising aims to make ads blend in with the surrounding content on a platform, making them feel more relevant and less distracting to users. Programmatic native combines this idea with automated ad trading and targeting.

In programmatic native advertising, bidding and auctioning takes place in real time to ensure that the ads are adapted to the style and user experience of the platform. By using data and algorithms, ads can be delivered to relevant audiences at the right time and place.

The benefits of programmatic native advertising include higher engagement and reduced user disruption, which can lead to better results for advertisers. Ads that blend in naturally are more likely to attract attention and create a positive impression.

By combining programmatic technology with native advertising, advertisers and publishers can create a balance between automated ad management and customized ads that fit naturally on the platform. This makes programmatic native advertising a powerful strategy for reaching audiences in a more discreet and relevant way.

Josefine Lopes Helgesson

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