Dwise and Bauer Media in conversation about Programmatic and Podcast & Online radio

Apr 3, 2023
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Podcast & Online Radio - a great way to move brands and drive action

We continue our conversations with friends in the industry and the next man out is Olle Bråne of Bauer Media. Olle describes how listening through headphones creates a strong sense of intimacy and exclusivity for the user and predicts a bright future for this medium.

Dwise: Hi Olle! We know you, but tell the reader who you are? 

Olle: My name is Olle Bråne and I am the Commercial Director for Programmatic Audio at Bauer Media. Together with fantastic colleagues at Bauer Media, I drive, refine and develop our programmatic product and strategy. 

About Podcast & Online Radio

Dwise: How would you describe Podcast & Online radio advertising in relation to traditional radio advertising

Ole: Podcasts and online radio have a higher proportion of headphone listening, which contributes to an incredibly strong intimacy and exclusivity in the user experience. The advertiser gets a completely unique attention and exposure time when the listener is directly met by a preroll before their favorite podcast, or in the advertising package in their favorite digital radio station.

Dwise: Would you like to tell us more about Bauer's digital offering? 

Ole: Bauer Media has the largest digital audio inventory in Sweden! With a strong focus on the podcast portfolio, crime/storytelling and influencer podcasts top our listening lists. 

Mix Megapol, NRJ, Rockklassiker and Nostalgi are our biggest digital radio stations - famous Swedish classic brands! We also have an exclusive collaboration with Soundcloud where the advertiser reaches a young, forward-thinking and innovative target group.

Challenges, the potential of sound and the future 

Dwise: What are some of the biggest challenges advertisers face when it comes to advertising in Podcast & Online radio? 

Ole: I would say it's the production of audio. Most advertisers have a display or video strategy, but not everyone has an audio strategy. Audio has an amazing ability to build memories and enhance display and moving image - this should be utilized to an even greater degree!

Dwise: How do you think programmatic advertising can help overcome these challenges?

Olle: We see more and more advertisers starting to buy audio programmatically with great success. The focus on producing great material will only increase. Audio has a great ability to move the brand and drive action!

Dwise: How has Bauer Media seen Podcast & Online radio advertising develop over the last few years, and what do you think the future holds?

Ole: We are in the midst of a digital audio boom where never before has there been so much consumption of streamed music, audiobooks or podcasts. At Bauer Media, we are at the forefront of digital audio where our priorities and investments are to stand firm against the future. Through these investments, our reach increases steadily year after year. Today we have Sweden's largest digital audio inventory with over 250 million impressions per month. This gives the advertiser very strong conditions to really get out into the community in a medium with long exposure time, high attention and fantastic contexts.

Which industries should use audio advertising? 

Dwise: Is there any particular type of advertiser or industry that would benefit more from Podcast & Online radio advertising in your opinion? 

Ole: We have advertisers in all industries - from FMCG, finance and automotive to gaming, e-commerce and travel.

Dos and don'ts for an audio spot

Dwise: What are the most common spot lengths for Podcast & Online radio advertising and what are the benefits of different lengths? 

Ole: 80% of our advertisers use 20-second spots. During this time, there is time to mention the brand at the beginning, middle and end and include other relevant info.

Dwise: What to consider to produce a good spot for Podcast & Online radio?

Olle: There is a lot to think about. It is important to have a conversation with the listener as opposed to the concept of "shouting the loudest". It is also important to get the most important part of your message first. Mention the brand early in the spot and preferably several times. 

You also want your message to make people feel something, so tell a story with emotion. Be careful with humor - it can be engaging, but it can also tire the listener. Then, of course, you should be clear, coherent and consistent in your communication. 

Audio as part of the media mix

Dwise: What are the main benefits of integrating Podcast & Online radio advertising into your media mix? 

Ole: I would say that adding sound to your programmatic strategy is completely unique. Sound creates memory images, has a very high exposure time and drives search!

Dwise: How does Bauer Media see the cooperation with Dwise and what benefits do you see Dwise contributing?

Olle: You are incredibly far ahead in how you package your products, but above all how you run and optimize your campaigns. You have a mindset that includes, in an optimal way, building powerful and effective campaigns beyond the ordinary - always with the customer in focus and a tireless desire to do everything for the advertiser's best.

Dwise: Wow Olle, thanks for those words! And thanks for your time 🙂.

Josefine Lopes Helgesson

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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