Radio advertising

A strong advantage of audio advertising is that it is often linked to a relaxed mode and an active choice of media channel.

Using radio advertising in your marketing is a wise strategy in several ways. Sound tends to affect us more than we may realize. Try playing a favorite song from the past, or listening to a soundtrack of the ocean's roar and experience an immediate emotional and psychological shift.  

Vi på Dwise kan hjälpa dig med din digitala marknadsföring genom att erbjuda köp av Podcast & Music. Genom digitala ljudkanaler kan du skapa en effektiv radiokampanj eller podcastkampanj och på så vis nå en bred publik via stora publicister som Spotify, Bauer Media och på så vis nå en bred publik via stora publicister som Spotify, Bauer eller Acast. eller Acast. Via Spotify kan du annonsera mellan låtar, samt i poddar, via Bauer når du ut i radiokanaler såsom NRJ, Mix Megapol och Rockklassiker samt poddar. Acast har flertalet populära poddar som t.ex. Wahlgren & Wistam, Värvet och Rättegångspodden.   

Why radio advertising?

Online radio and podcasts give you the opportunity to reach your target audience during times when they are screen-free and thus without interference from other advertisers. A strong advantage of audio advertising is that it is often linked to a relaxed mode and an active choice of media channel. This active choice means that the listener tends to be more open to advertising and thus more receptive to advertising messages. 

There are also great creative opportunities with audio-based advertising. We believe that many people can hum a radio jingle from the past, or recognize a brand by its audio logo. 

Advantages of digital radio advertising

Online radio has become increasingly popular recently. Being able to choose your own time and content attracts more people and gives advertisers access to a large and diverse audience. Another strong advantage is the loyalty of listeners to their favorite radio station or podcast, which creates the opportunity for advertisers to expose their message multiple times. 

In addition to this, radio advertising allows for targeting based on e.g. music genre, program format, demographics or geographical area. This makes it easier for you as an advertiser to target the desired audience.

Radio advertising as an ad production is often also very cost-effective and with programmatic buying we can get started very quickly with a campaign and adjust the campaign as we go along. 

How we work

When you work with us, we are with you from start to finish. From setting a strategy to delivering an evaluation of the campaign.


We work with you to understand your brand, your target audience and your campaign objectives. Through this understanding, we can recommend a strategy for your business to reach the right people with the right communication in digital audio channels.

Buying radio advertising

We make it easy for you to reach out in Online Radio and Podcast. This means we do all the planning and buying for your campaign. Purchases are made via programmatic trading which enables us to: 

  • Effectively manage and optimize your campaign in real time
  • Getting access to publishers
  • Collect all purchases in one place
  • Evaluate the results of your campaign 

Production of advertising

We can help you develop a tailor-made radio jingle, where the sound and content reflect your brand and capture the listener's attention. 


Thanks to the programmatic platform, we can adjust your campaign in real time. This means that during the course of the campaign, we can re-direct, change ads, etc. to achieve your goals. After the campaign, we evaluate how it went and update you on results, insights and possible adjustments for the next campaign.

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Where will my radio advertisement be heard?

You can take advantage of the techniques and opportunities that each media channel has to offer through targeted campaign solutions. Programmatic opportunities are the main tool to achieve this.