DOOH - Everything you need to know about Digital Out-of-Home

Mar 15, 2023
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DOOH - Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

We love digital out-of-home advertising, or DOOH for short, and in this blog post we'll tell you why. But let's start by defining what it is. 

What is DOOH?

Digital outdoor advertising includes all the digital screens you see around you on roads and squares, in public spaces such as metro waiting halls and escalators, central train and tram stations and shopping centers and malls. 

Digital signage and advertising space

For you as an advertiser, there are many opportunities with DOOH. In addition to the digital format that captures the attention of passers-by, we can direct your message by time, geography, weather and specific events such as events of various kinds. This gives you the opportunity to display your moving video ad in strategic locations where your target audience is active. 

Thanks to programmatic technology, several outdoor advertising operators can connect to the industry's buying and selling systems, which means that we can buy screens not only in cities in Sweden, but also in all countries connected to these systems. And they are not few. We can reach the entire Nordic region, the majority of European countries and also Asia, Africa and the USA. 

Common terms in DOOH

There are three common terms in DOOH that are good to know. These are:

Spot length: Spot length refers to the time your advertisement is displayed on the digital billboards and advertising spaces. 

Format: DOOH offers a variety of formats to suit your advertising. Whether it's a short video, a still image or a combination of both, you can create an engaging and dynamic campaign that captures the interest of passers-by. Recently, 3D formats have also been launched, which is incredibly effective and requires its own blog post, so stay tuned. 

Share of Voice: Share of Voice refererar till andelen av den totala reklamtiden som din kampanj upptar i förhållande till andra annonsörer. Genom att öka din andel kan du säkerställa att ditt varumärke syns tydligt och sticker ut från konkurrenterna. När du köper DOOH programmatiskt köper du dock på impressions.

För dig som är intresserad av att köpa utomhusreklam på digitala skärmar, erbjuder vår tjänst en omfattande lösning som gör det möjligt att effektivt nå ut till din målgrupp på de mest strategiska platserna.

How do I buy digital out-of-home ads?

Indeed, buying digital outdoor ads has never been easier and today's technology enables efficient campaigns in terms of time and cost, but also in its accuracy. By using data and analytics, we can help you optimize your campaign and maximize its effectiveness.

How much does DOOH cost?

The price of digital out-of-home advertising varies depending on various factors such as the choice of locations, the length and scope of the campaign, and competition in the market. The best way to get an accurate price estimate is to contact us. 

Now you know why we love DOOH as a marketing channel. 

Josefine Lopes Helgesson

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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