Vårerbjudande DOOH + Mobil

Digital Outdoor & Mobile Geofencing, double effect!


Kom igång med utomhusreklam!
Vi erbjuder nu annonsörer att under våren annonsera i utvalda skärmar via Sveriges största utomhuspublicister. Intill dina skärmar syns du med mobil annonsering för maximal effekt av din kampanj. Produktion ingår.

We offer free production of your ad

Where can I be seen with my campaign?

Your outdoor campaign will appear on hand-picked screens via Clear Channel, Ocean Outdoor and Leeads. The mobile advertising is visible via Sweden's largest publishers when your target audience is next to relevant outdoor screens.

How can I manage my campaign?

In addition to choosing the location of your digital outdoor billboards together, we can control them by day/time/location/target group. For mobile advertising, we control the desired demographics and interest.

What materials do I need?

The campaign includes the production of a 5-second outdoor movie. For mobile, it includes an animated banner in 3 different format sizes. You need to provide us with relevant raw material in the form of copy/image/video.

What is meant by mobile geofencing?

Mobile geofencing is a marketing technique that uses geographic positioning to send relevant ads to users who are within a specific geographical area. In this case, we send mobile ads via Sweden's largest publishers when your target audience is in the vicinity of the selected digital outdoor screens included in your campaign. Double effect!

Advertising Package - Digital Outdoor & Mobile Geofencing

- Format: Outdoor: Video 5 seconds, Display: Html5
- Production: Included
- Controls: Geography, demographics, interests
- Campaign period: 2-8 weeks
- Minimum investment: 45 000 SEK

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