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Connected TV - Adapting to the TV of the future

We often meet advertisers who want to get their message on the TV screen. We understand them. There are several advantages to TV advertising. Some of them are the possibility of broad reach, increased brand awareness, the ability to target your message and the creative freedom that in turn creates the opportunity to leave an "impression" on viewers. By this we mean that a commercial that occupies the entire screen with video and sound and without interference from other advertisers, for example, will create a strong impact. You as an advertiser "own" the space. 

Reach your target audience in prime time

Through programmatic trading, we can target your specific audience and ensure that your commercial is shown at prime time on digital TV, known as Connected TV. The benefits of Connected TV are that it gives advertisers with different budgets access to the TV screen. Advertisers also gain access to improved precision, flexibility, effective targeting and the ability to target advertising nationally, regionally and locally based on demographics and interests.

How Dwise can help you succeed with TV advertising

We at Dwise can help you market your brand on the TV screen through digital play channels such as TV4-Play, Viafree, Discovery+ and more as several of the major media houses such as TV4 Media, ViaPlay Group (formerly MTG) and Discovery Network Sweden (formerly SBS Broadcasting Group) offer programmatic trading for TV advertising. 

How we work

We help you with all aspects of your digital TV campaign, from the kick-off meeting to the evaluation.


As with any marketing activity, we start by identifying your target audience, brand and your objectives for the campaign. Beyond this, it is important to think about how the ad is designed. It should obviously be adapted to the channel and target audience, but should also be entertaining.


We then strategize your campaign and choose the TV channel(s) that best suit your target audience and objectives. 

Buying TV advertising

Via programmatic platforms, we then buy the space for your TV advertising and manage your campaign in real time.  


Both during and at the end of the campaign, we evaluate the results to draw lessons for possible future campaigns.

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Where does my TV ad appear?

Do you also work in film production?

You can take advantage of the techniques and opportunities that each media channel has to offer through targeted campaign solutions. Programmatic opportunities are the main tool to achieve this.