Why you should work with us

When you trust us at Dwise to help you with your marketing, the opportunity opens up for you to reach out with innovative media campaigns, loaded with the latest technology to the Nordic region's and the world's most influential publishers.

Tailored campaigns are always a better option.

Thanks to our industry expertise and relationships, we can tailor unique campaigns to your specific needs, goals and circumstances. We believe that good communication and collaboration are the foundation of success. That's why our process starts with a personal meeting where we listen to your thoughts and needs. We take the time to go through:

  • Your objectives: What do you want to achieve with your campaign? We listen to your ambitions and strategies, which helps us understand your unique needs and design an effective campaign.
  • Geographic targets: Where do you want your message to reach? We tailor your campaign to engage your target audience wherever they are in the world.
  • Media channel selection: Do you have specific channels in mind? We have access to a wide portfolio of media channels to ensure optimal exposure.
  • Message and content: What do you want to convey? Our expertise will help you shape your message to ensure maximum impact.
  • Budget: Whatever the size of your budget, small or large, we are here to customize solutions that provide the best possible return on your investment.

Save valuable time and maximize the impact of your advertising with us.

One of the main reasons our customers come back to us is that we save them time. In a fast-moving media world, we understand that every minute counts and we have designed our service with this in mind. How do we do this? Well, we simply take care of the entire campaign process, from start to finish. Based on your brief and our expertise, we create a strategy that results in a tailored and effective campaign plan. Many of our clients find that our expertise in the industry and the latest trends relieves them of their daily work. This is because they can devote their time to something other than keeping up to date with the ever-changing media industry.

Once the strategy and plan are set, we implement the media buying and take care of the daily optimization of your campaign.

At the end of the campaign, we thoroughly monitor and evaluate the results of the campaign and present them to you in a clear way, so that you can make quick and informed decisions without having to sift through complicated data.

As we also offer ad production for all media channels, you can also save valuable time as the need to engage multiple agencies for different channels is eliminated.

More flexible budget thanks to digitalization

At Dwise, we want you to feel that your budget is not a barrier to creating effective media campaigns.

With recent technological advances, media channels such as TV, outdoor advertising, and music and podcast platforms have become increasingly digital, which has also affected the investment threshold. This means that we can offer you the opportunity to get your message across with a budget tailored to your needs.

When we talk about it being easier to get started with the major media channels, it's because digitalization has changed the playing field. In the past, appearing on TV or on outdoor billboards, for example, was budget-intensive, but with today's digital technology, this has changed and more advertisers can now appear on these major channels, but at a cost more suited to their budget.

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